Ringing in Ear – Are Your Ears Trying to Tell You That You Are Mineral Deficient?

It is estimated that about 17 out of every 100 people have some degree of tinnitus, the ringing in ear sounds you may be hearing. Here in America, about 50 million Americans’ have tinnitus. Many people that suffer from this are known to be very mineral deficient.

Doctors have estimated that 31% of ringing in ear sufferers have severe tinnitus and are zinc-deficient. They also suffer from a lack of appetite, hair loss and skin problems. All of these symptoms are directly related to a zinc deficiency.Does that not make you wonder what causes this affliction?

There are several possible causes for tinnitus. Some of the things that may cause tinnitus are:

– Diet

– Loud noises

– Various Drugs

– Allergies

– Stress

– Hearing Loss

There is also one more possible cause to add to the list! Some will tell you that the lack of zinc can cause tinnitus.

It is known that animals that are deficient in zinc partially lose their ability to hear. Zinc is also responsible for maintaining healthy cell membranes and protecting cells from oxygen-related damage. It is very important to take zinc supplements if you are suffering from ringing in your ear. You should also eat foods rich in zinc like pork, chicken, beans, and yogurt to beef up your zinc intake.

Another treatment to seriously consider that is very effective is a natural tinnitus cure Natural methods of healing do not have side effects and get you feeling better quickly and effectively. It is very important to take care of your body naturally to achieve optimum results. You will be able to find a permanent cure for your ringing in ear with natural, holistic cures!